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Faces of Faith
They say angels come most commonly to children and primitive people, to the innocents and saints, who maybe haven’t clouded their vision with so much sophistication.… There are stories of Russian cosmonauts seeing angels in space; French, English and German soldiers seeing angels during a battle; angels who come in dreams, and many, many more.

But there’s a more mundane angelic ministry that’s not so spectacular and yet is equally wonderful. The word “angel” means simply “messenger.” Angels are the messengers of God. And we’ve all known angels. 

You’ve known angels too. People who have communicated some of God’s love and grace to you. … Maybe you’ve been an angel for someone; you’ve been one of God’s messengers. And, maybe many of you have known some of the other kinds of angels, not of flesh and blood.
—Lowell Grisham

Below is a collection of essays, interviews and reflections on angels. Whether spirit, flesh or something else, they all point in the direction of heaven.