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Marcus Borg

For some people, Marcus Borg has meant the difference between faith and non-belief. His work as a member of the Jesus Seminar and his numerous books—including the best-selling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The Heart of Christianity, and The God We Never Knew—have offered a new lens through which seekers and traditionalists alike have seen Christianity as they have never understood it before. Borg is a highly regarded Jesus scholar, thoroughly steeped in the life of the historical Jesus, and, at the same time, a deeply spiritual Christian devoted to teaching and preaching about the Kingdom of God.

Through his scholarship, his faith and his own life experience (he was a "closet atheist" during his young adulthood, even as he studied and researched Jesus' life), Borg presents a vision of Christianity that emphasizes transformation, compassion and a responsibility to working for justice and peace. Though his conclusions are controversial for some,  Borg calls us to think, to question and to learn. He also calls us to trust in a God whose love is beyond any that we can ever imagine.



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