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They are often as close as our night-stand, their lives, words and wisdom captured in books that we keep nearby. Though their cultures and religions differ, and their time frames span more than a millennium, they each exhibited a single-minded devotion to God that transformed them from ordinary people into the saints, prophets, and spiritual guides we turn to today.

On the following pages, explorefaith.org offers a subjective look at some of the spiritual teachers who have shaped our lives. These essays are by no means comprehensive. Numerous Web Sites catalogue different saints and spiritual guides in great detail (and we will provide links to a few of the best).

Our coverage is intended to show what these people can mean to us now, how they can help us envision new realties in which a relationship with God is the core from which all thoughts and actions spread. Here our explorefaith writers have mused about the spiritual teachers in their lives who continue to give them guidance and help them discover new avenues of devotion deep within. It is our hope that their essays may kindle thoughts of those spiritual teachers who have molded your life, and perhaps spur you to explore a few you might not have known.

What we can learn from the saints.