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Concrete answers can seem so reassuring. Strong, stable, something to count on. But what for one person seems like a solid base, for another can be a barrier that only blocks their way.

We have different questions at different times on our journey in faith, and there are myriad answers that help us move onward. For that reason we present below a range of questions, responses and insights exploring God's love, exploring your journey and exploring Christianity. Each response comes from the experience and understanding of its author. Some are in agreement, others are not, but they were all written by people of faith who, though their beliefs may differ, speak in one voice of the supreme importance of God's presence in  their life.  

It is our hope that these responses will help you discern your own answers to your questions of faith, ones that will spur you to think in new ways, to reach farther for unexpected explanations and steer you always towards an increasing awareness of God’s goodness and grace.