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Meditate with Poetry
Within each of us there is the ability to feel in images, to see what is beyond sight, to touch reality that can hardly be captured in mere words. Yet, it is often through words that we communicate those images, those sights, that reality. Poetry, unlike conversation for the sake of conveying information, uses words like art. Words become the paints that depict the images and reality onto the white paper canvas. Like prayer, poetry digs deep into the fibers of our psyche and soul and out of those depths draws the mystery and magic of human life and emotions.

Reading and writing poetry takes us into that place of deep feeling that leads to prayer. There in the vastness of our own selves we give voice to the soul’s longings in words that almost seem too deep to utter. It’s not rhyme or meter or sophisticated language that creates poetry or prayer. It is giving voice to simple words, simple truths from within the uncharted layers of our being. Poetry leads to prayer. Prayer leads to poetry. It is a dance of spiritual moves and each partner relies on the other to complete the steps that make up this beautiful ballet.