About Us

Films, like books, are as diverse as the people who create them. Many portray rare and beautiful stories of dignity, courage and compassion. Others depict characters and situations so disturbing, it can take a few days to "shake them off."

The films below cover the gamut. Some would probably not be classified as "spiritual." These are the ones that need to be wrestled with bravely. They need to have their ideological underpinnings exposed and evaluated again, in the light of faith.

Our job is to take our faith to the movies and stay alert. Spiritual messages may be overt and readily apparent, or they may be discerned only in our reactions to the scenes and stories we see on the screen. Sometimes the best message we can come away with is to follow an alternate way, God's way.

In focusing on film as a spiritual resource, explorefaith hopes to acknowledge the present reality of our popular culture from a position of faith. That doesn't mean that we agree with, or approve of a film under scrutiny—only that, rather than letting movies dictate a position to us, we go to the theater mindful of God within us, and intentionally create a space into which God can speak.