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In matters of faith, we are a divided lot. Even within a single religion, many people disagree about various doctrines and theology. Yet, as Christians, we are also tied together—united in our love of God and our desire to grow closer to God through Christ. That's what makes us Christians. As for our disagreements, they too can help us grow. Sharing different points of view, respecting those who come to different conclusions, and honoring those who are unsure about what they believe can create a place of mutuality and compassion that transcends the desire to prove ourselves “right” and the other person “wrong.”  In that place our primary motivation is to seek God and to nurture that motivation in others. 

Explorefaith.org sometimes includes material that looks at different sides of a particular issue, yet we always strive to do so from a spiritual perspective.  We hope that, even if you disagree with a particular point of view, you will be strengthened in your faith journey by learning more about differing ways of thinking from both deeply committed Christians and spiritual leaders from other faith traditions.